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''Where did you get the idea for your upcoming book, UNDER THE GREAT ELM – A Life of Luck & Wonder?'

I really didn’t set out to write a book, only to record certain extraordinary experiences that I wanted friends and family to know about. These experiences, some of which stretched my understanding of ‘’reality,’’ needed to be preserved. As well, I sought some sort of through-line for the kaleidoscope of my life.

As I began to write, and remember, remarkable stories rolled out of high adventure, interspecies encounters, and jaw-dropping serendipity, like the lost and found love story that weaves through my life. I began to take note of an incredible luck that had graced my journey, sometimes through the most harrowing moments. I also became aware of an abiding sense of wonder, with me since boyhood in Illinois. Clearly, here was a story worth telling. What would officially be labeled a ‘’memoir’’ was in actuality a spiritual odyssey, an adventure novel.

In a world in need of a lift, I felt it was important to share a different perspective. In shadow and in sun...luck and wonder.

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