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In unconsolable grief, unable to accept the finality of the tragic death of his seven year old son, Michael, the author sets out on a journey through England and the farthest reaches of India seeking to bridge the worlds and reconnect with his son. It is a journey that will lead him deep into the Unexplained and the ''eternal mysteries.’’ In the fervent drive and purity of his quest, and through transformativve encounters with seers and teachers along the way, his own latent powers of healing and second sight open up.

The book is a page turner that carrries the reader along like the Ganges itself. The author’s vivid descriptions provide readers with the most tangible and immediate experiences of what are called ‘’esoteric'' phenomena as we are ever likely to get. Life-altering revelations burst brightly into flower at every few pages.

‘’…There is something like a psychic fuse that prevents us from seeing, hearing and participating in other worlds and other realities that interpenetrate with this one. Sudden shock or tragedy has the power to blow this psychic fuse and open the person up to a whole new dimension of reality; a dimension where thought has the power to affect material objects.’’ - page 28

One of the qualities that make this book so engaging is the author’s ability to render ‘’occult’’ phenomena, such as mediumship and the laying on of hands, into clear, clean prose that seamlessly merges the ‘’spiritual’’ with advanced physics, providing us with passages that could serve as chapters in a much-needed scientific textbook on esoteric phenomena.

As discoveries in physics are constantly revealing, ‘'reality'' has many realms. ‘’In my Father’s House are many mansions.’’

With the closing lines of this book I was brought to tears, but not just from the striking final words. The story uncannilly echoes my own tale, ‘'Under The Great Elm - A Life of Luck & Wonder,’’ a kind of sister book to Upton’s. ‘’Candles on the Ganges’’ reaffirmed my experiences with the phenomenon of synchronicities, the life force in all things, animate or inanimate, and the illusion of ‘’death.''

A triumphant journey of the heart, this book will bring comfort and hope to those grieving the loss of loved ones. Thank you, Peter, for taking us along on your impassioned, deeply honest, beautifully written odyssey to contact a lost son, along the way providing us with armchair enlightenment and a clearer understanding of the ‘’nature of reality.’’

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