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Earth, sky and the great lone places … this is my American West

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Now, I’m not a cowboy, and I don’t own that big spread on the far side of the Divide.  But growing up in northern California, the West has always been part of me, and no music is closer to my heart.

The rhythms of the Big Bands, in which my dad played, echoed through the house, as did the blend of The Sons of the Pioneers following every Roy Rogers movie my folks took me to.  Their harmonies captured a longing in my soul for far horizons.  Like many boys of that time, in my heart I lived on that ranch on the big screen with Roy and The Sons of the Pioneers

No matter where the road has taken me, my heart always returns to the windswept prairies and the far peaks, and the call of new frontiers, within and without.

While I have performed many kinds of music, the songs I most often sing to myself are those on my cd’s, RIDE AWAY and YONDERING, music celebrating the beauty of the wild.

Some of the songs are brand new, some are well-known classics.  Many now seem timely. Creating imaginative arrangements of these songs for the wide audience they deserve has been deeply rewarding.

RIde Away
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I hope you love YONDERING and RIDE AWAY as much as we loved making them.


Midnight Skies (Pine Bush Anthem)Rich Flanders
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This song, celebrating the sense of wonder, was inspired by a series of experiences while in the field with the 'Ambassadors to the Universe' project.

Tribute to the Hudson RiverRich Flanders
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 "I’m particularly proud of this recording, both musically and environmentally."


"It seemed like the audience held their collective breath until the song was finished. This song is a piece of 'western art' every bit as powerful as a Charlie Russell painting.

Don Cusic,
Editor, The Western Way magazine,
Winter 2011
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